Desktop pure cotton hemp graphene heating pad mouse heating pad-Double SUB interface

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Multifunctional heating pad  

Firing up cold hands

Material:Warm desk mat,Using cotton and linen technology and pu high-quality back cover

Product output:220V/50Hz

Power and Size: 65W(60*36cm);75W(80*32cm)

USB1/2 Output:5V/2A(Max)

Temperature control:35°C-60°C

Timing function:3 hours automatic power off

Power cord length:1.5M

Rated voltage:220V


How to use table warming mat correctly

Our warm table mat & Ordinary warm table mat

Fast heating, full heating (5 seconds rapid heating, overall heating intelligent constant temperature, always heating)

Stepless control temperature (35℃-60℃ range stepless control temperature, fine human body comfort and warm feeling)


Soft skin-friendly fabric (office, nap, learn a variety of use modes, can stick to the skin for a long time)


Intelligent timing security protection (automatically scheduled shutdown for 3 hours, no safety hazards when working)

Dual USB output, convenient and tidy (to solve the trouble of not enough sockets, dual USB output ports tidy the desktop)


Graphene lightly transfers heat in the form of far infrared rays and is absorbed by the human body,Makes people feel warm from the inside out, and does not affect the change of indoor temperature, constant humidity and comfortable.

When graphene heats up, it will release about 66% of 6-16UM far infrared rays to radiate energy.This band is close to the wavelength of the human body, easily penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the body,Like the sun shining on people, making people feel the heat and warmth from the outside in.

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